Described as..."a delicate soprano"
(The Washington Post, DC)
"(she) produces a notably Latin sound, rich and full of expression,
a sound quite different from what an American soprano produces"
(The Classical Voice of North Carolina)

Praised for her..."polished performance of...French cabaret song...(and) mastery
of the difficult Sprechtstimme"
(The Washington Post, DC)

About her "tango" presentations...
"sung with the kind of conviction for which Guillén has become
known in this material"
(Buffalo News, NY)

"...a diminutive figure but a major presence on stage, with each word
and syllable delivered with consummate grace and rhythm, inflected
to the maximum without a hint of overdone sentiment or kitsch, as dry
as the driest martini, bringing out all the wit and feeling of the lyrics."
(The Classical Voice of North Carolina)

About her new music concerts...
"...offered (her) talent and soul on stage...showed off (her) marvelous
vocal and interpretative gifts..."
(Diario de Cuyo, Agentina)

About her staged performances..."...a strong, sweet voice that sounded in good shape. Guillén specially,
has enormous poise and presence, and is a fine actress"
(Albuquerque Journal, NM)

About her choral choral conducting with the TJC... "Their director, Lorena Guillén, is a well-trained, knowledgeable, and vivacious leader who has helped mold this group (now in their twentieth year) into a significant and pleasurable resource for Triangle audiences."
(The Classical Voice of North Carolina)